European boardsports distribution since 2006

Since 2006 we have been importing brands to exclusively supply specialty stores throughout Europe.

Besides sales, we are cooperating with shops, resorts, media and the boardsports scene to actively promote and develop the brands in our portfolio. In 2021 our sales network ensures our mission statement to retailers in 16 European countries.


Airblaster Logo


Probably the most authentic snowboard outerwear brand is based in Portland, Oregon, and has a pterodactyl mascot named "Terry". The well-known logo is not - as is often assumed - a cyclops with a tongue, but a flying spaceship with a window and drive jet. Airblaster has been lovingly run by the brand's founders since 2002 and is considered a driving force and opinion leader in the industry. In addition to various outerwear series, Airblaster produces a wide variety of accessories, beanies, goggles ... and of course the best long functional underwear in the world: the Ninja Suit! In addition to all the seriousness that an international company demands of the operators, one credo always stands out at Airblaster: FUN! Because that's what snowboarding is all about, and Airblaster will make sure to remind us of that year after year!

Airhole Logo

Airhole Facemasks

At an early stage the two Canadian pro snowboarders Chris Brown and Kale Stephens recognized the lack of technical facemasks. The offer at the time was simply not compatible with snowboarding and snowmobiling in extreme weather conditions. The first prototypes were made from leftover outerwear on Kale’s grandmothers’ sewing machine. An opening for the moist air to breathe was set early on, because physical exertion requires an optimal supply of oxygen, and a face mask that is soaked wet by breath does not provide any warmth at low temperatures. Fogged up goggles reminded everyone an improvement needed to come! In 2006, a brand was founded whose name includes the most important (and patented) product feature: Airhole. The brand quickly grew into a specialist and market leader. Today's product range offers optimal protection for every condition - including a Covid filter that can be popped into the Airhole easily.

Crab Grab Logo

Crab Grab

The brand that single-handedly made the stomp pad socially acceptable again! Rooted in Oregon and California, Crab Grab designs high-quality winter gloves and the aforementioned stomp pads (which are called "Traction" at Crab Grab). Dawn and Preston Strout run the brand in a family-style, rider owned & rider driven. Field research feedback and input is being provided by a representative line-up of snowboard VIPs: Scott Stevens, Bode Merrill, Josh Dirksen, Mike Rav, Desiree Melancon, ... The output are highly functional products in state-of-the-art design.

DWD Logo

Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards

Hardly any other brand is so closely linked to its founders as Dinosaurs Will Die. During their pro rider careers, Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan founded the board brand in the hills of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2004. From the core of the local snowboard scene emerged a brand that was heavily influenced by skateboarding, with a large proportion of pro model boards and creative collaborations.

Elevated SurfCraft

Elevated SurfCraft

Elevated SurfCraft probably is the only true-to-surf snowboard company. Makes sense? -Yes it does!
The snowboard collection strictly follows the surfers' quiver theory. Each model comes in one size and it's given in feet and inch. Made out of the finest raw materials, Elevated SurfCraft snowboards are manufactured in very limited numbers. Depending on conditions, terrain and riding style, you choose a singlefin-, fish-, thruster- or quad-snowboard. Or the Step-Up. Or you take the 5'10 Elevated Log for those bottomless soul surfing pow days.

Sandbox Logo

Sandbox Helmets

The Canadian snowboard legend Kevin Sansalone founded Sandbox as a video production company in 2003. For several seasons, the annual video was the central medium of the Canadian snowboarding scene around Whistler. In 2007 the resort introduced the general obligation to wear helmets for the use of all snowparks. The local freestyle scene was extremely dissatisfied with the helmets on offer at the time. There was simply no brand to identify with, so Kevin Sansalone set out to make helmets for the locals. The result was the first version of the Classic model, a helmet with a brim style. In a very short time, the demand grew rapidly. The world-famous Whistler ski resort acted as an international multiplier. Based on the snowboard helmets, Sandbox expanded its range and started developing helmets for wake, skate and bike. All helmet products are CE-certified for the various areas of application and the respective scene gives thumbs up in terms of style!

Adelio Wetsuits

Adelio Wetsuits

The Australian wetsuit brand journeys off the beaten track, producing distinctive product for the individual freesurfer. With the likes of Chippa Wilson and Ford Archbold, ADELIO supports strong characters that contribute developing the brand and product equally. From spring suits to winter time cold water equipment, the high-end neoprene goods feature characteristic tweaks and graphics of their respective team rider.

The Critical Slide Society

TCSS Surf Apparel

The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) was founded in 2009 in a sleepy seaside village on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. Launched by a couple of surfers and artists, Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes, the founders had the vision of an authentic, creative label as a platform that celebrates an emerging alternative movement within surf culture: one that’s less about the winner’s podium and more about the simple joy of a deeply engaged surfing life. TCSS works with artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, surfers from across the globe, all of whom share a similar outlook inspiration. TCSS prides itself on its unique approach its detail orientated design.

Spooked Kooks Logo

Spooked Kooks Softboards

The Australian surfboard brand has only one mission: to produce the most sustainable softboards out there. In fact, it's the only foamie surfboard brand that is endorsed as "sustainable" by The surf market is growing rapidly and most softboards out there are being produced without the environment in mind. Don't get trapped by greenwashing: there is a big difference between recyclable and actually being recycled. Spooked Kooks is producing durable softboards with a performance approach. The slick bottom is made out of 100% recycled plastic. Fins and fin key also contain a high amount of recycled plastic. To reduce the carbon footprint, the brand has teamed up with the organisation SeaTrees that plants one mangrove tree for each produced Spooked Kooks softboard. Furthermore the brand supports non-profit-organisations in threshold countries.


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